Andrew Weatherall

Big Smash Up

I’d spent the morning looking at Laura Buckley’s work via the medium of download link – not the immersive experience it so obviously deserves, but I got the general idea. Later that day, I started to read Céline’s novel London Bridge, and was immediately struck by the similarity of his prose to Laura’s work. Both dealt in images delivered in bursts: complex evocation and suggestion lurking within simplicity.

With Buckley and Céline as blueprint, I reached for my 808 drum machine.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls …
Welcome to the Big Smash Up, dot dot dot …


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Andrew Weatherall is a British DJ, producer, remixer and musician. He has produced such artists as Beth Orton, Primal Scream and One Dove, and has remixed the work of Björk, Siouxsie Sioux, The Orb, The Future Sound of London, New Order, Manic Street Preachers, My Bloody Valentine, Saint Etienne, James, and many others. Weatherall released his debut solo single ‘The Bullet Catcher’s Apprentice’ in 2006, and his debut solo album A Pox On The Pioneers was released in 2009.