Reto Pulfer with Gary Arce



For his instalment of Out of Focus, Reto Pulfer made an illustrated story that became a film entitled Antares. The film’s imagery derives from Pulfer’s diverse artistic practice, which includes textiles, ceramics, performance, music and ‘food advice’, while the story was written and narrated by the artist himself.

Pulfer also invited Gary Arce, a musician who has influenced his practice greatly, to contribute to his instalment of OoF. In response to the invitation and to Antares, Arce wrote four tracks (recorded by musician Mario Lalli) – one of which, entitled ‘Mesa Moon’, became the soundtrack to Pulfer’s film. Pulfer’s other invited contributor to OoF, forager and artist Deirdre Fraser-Gudrunas, created a plant-related piece, also inspired by Antares. In 2015 Fraser-Gudrunas and Pulfer collaborated on a performance held in Toronto, where ingredients foraged locally were used to create the stock for a publicly cooked broth.

Musician Gary Arce has been an important figure in the Desert Rock scene of Southern California for over 20 years and has influenced band in the US and Europe, including Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. His bands include Yawning Man, Ten East, The Sort of Quartet and Dark Tooth Encounter, amongst others.