Cecelia Condit

True and False Horizons

In imaginary landscapes where trees talk and frogs turn to handsome princes, my videos and photographs explore places where dreams and the natural world come together to create stories neither totally real nor entirely false.

Pizzly Bears are a new species, a cross between a polar bear and a grizzly bear. Only in extreme conditions would two different species mate, but as temperatures rise, grizzly bears are travelling north while starving polar bears are travelling south. As in all fairy tales, animals are a stand-in for humanity. This bear, though so adorable when small, is extremely dangerous when grown. Perhaps that’s true of all creatures, including us.

The images below are photographs constructed out of many shots of Lake Michigan, but they teeter on fantasy.


Cecila Condit – Concrete Structure – Out of Focus


Cecila Condit – Moody Sea – Out of Focus


Cecila Condit – Stonewall – Out of Focus


Cecelia Condit works in the language of contemporary fables and fairy tales. Recently, she explores landscapes and dream/scapes about species extinction and the lonely, silent world that would ensue.