Lucky Dragons

ooga booga bongo music


ooga booga1
cup cock cop
boo goo cop
ca ca encore
good cop crock
cup carve a cup
balloon open
boot cut cut
boot cut bad cop
big old worm
worm worm
worm a whim
a pimp him
caca caca cow
tow cow tow
kaboom ka-
boom ka ka ka
ka come come
come full moon
full moon come
come come full
moon full moon
come come
come full moon
full moon come
come come full
moon full moon
come come
come full
moon full moon
got got got
got got got
oompa loompa
oompa butt butt
butt butt gotta
go gotta go
hackey acne2
brie breathe re
breathe rebead
back it hack it
active hell hell
good cop reap
reap it read
cap read about
re bout re bit
every help help
read about
kchung everyday
everyday bout
everyday harry
dayquil every-
day grateful
grateful gray
grateful we
grateful weave
a housefull
about bout ezra
pound stone
about bounce
bounceful get
full it get full
deep ow how
health health
bell get get get
freaky acting
acting acting ow
ow owowow tick
tick tick predict
uh huh I need
that felt felt
it out Goethe
help re act react
re act react
giving giving
breathing Greek
help every hair-
cut pancake
pancake hungry
hungry haircut
pancake every
pancake digital
pancake read
gig beep big big
big actor acting
acted everyday
a three day
picnic everyday
Patrick oh my
god oh my god
i reject your
placement open
the house i have
no house agree
to read it re-read
it re-read it I
don’t remember
how how how
how reacted,
we acted we
acted, reenacted
reactive, nectar
we acted,
react factory
factory react
Demian Demian
Demian email
we need your
help helping
healthy health
health health
be happy be
happy be
healthy every-
body happy
happy happy
happy happy
happy every-
body happy
happy happy
happy happy
happy every-
body happy
happy happy
happy happy
I’ll calm down3
first ca ca top
gun top gum
gum gum gum
come come
centre come
come Allah
come come
brother rough
rider drunk
rider dunk
come rock a
badu rotten on
gotten rotten on
by the rot on by
her rot rot con
condemn con
convent funk
funk booga
gun gum fun
phone cup cup
bow bow brow
cum don’t come
don’t gone top
trap walk on
bevel wobble on
top locked up in
ten come down
down got better
don’t don’t don’t
come down run,
come run, gun
boo boo boom
gum chocolate
coptic crush
bye bye boot
god problem
chocolate gum
gum gum gum
a compact boot
god a chapstick
guard ca ca
cacao you can
google your eyes
uph ahh ba ba
baba cuck cuck
cuck dada uh
uh uh uh uh
bookah boook
la vaca la vacala
caca caca go
get him come
come won’t go
come laughter
Punjabi but
ki-kiri-ki /
brings no rou-
cou / no rou-
cou-cou but
no queen comes
/ in slipper green
me in, it’s me
your boom
bah boom bah
you punta punta
punta love love
love love love
love love love
life life life
life life life life
life life lifelife
life life life life
life life lifelife
life life life
problem love
love love love
love love love
love life life life
lifelife life life
life life life life
life life life life
life life lifelife
life life life
ack re eck4
acrobat bat back
back water go go
how would want
to go go bunk
a bottle go go
bunker bunt
back up that
guy bad guy
blue bottle cum
cum hey a day
labor day repeat
creepy free free
brain freeze
briefly Greek
Greek creep
green brie free
beef free reap re
free green bean
brief bun upon
pun punk alone
hello Reagan
dream aloha
ream raping
tom tom bomb
free free free I I
I go go full full
throttle banco
wait three please
three we re:
dream up on
grief fun proven
ed.gar I.could
FI.CA 323.323
beggar over
there sunday
lifting history
twinkling priest
breathe breathe
breathe green
-oh -oh -oh
green green
green green see-
through body
hoorah hoorah
body hoorah
hoorah fun fun
fun fun fun fun
free free free free
free fun fun fun
hello hello free
free free free free
every ok who
bubonic kare
koh dentum
bunt bunt
buntoh buntoh
weekly weekly
creepy creepy
bunt breed free
ri free ri free ri
free ri oh hello
hello oh ullo
ullo uh oh read
read read read
come brew pre-
bottled coke go
through three-
bodied cops I
could ask I know
I puff alone
alone, aloha
cop crock gov5
ooga booga
cotton common
cock on top
come goblin
copper gotham
cover help hell
meltdown hotel
convict convent
bite it in contact
hi five pi health
chew it go I fed
all aliens from
masked hand all
aliens gave
it back it’s true
if you choose
oh ugly cut
I woke up
blue dream
cop car cat poop
can’t cope
how down?
caca caca ow ow
et tu? comb
comb comb
call me call me
coffee coffee
copy copy cup
cup cup cup cup
cup call call call
call condor in
the sun they
told us when
they would
come there is
no place to be
just you and me
condor condor
condor go go go
grub grub grub
pankow pankow
unko pankow
clack clack clack
quack quack
quack Helga
Helga Olga Olga
now now now
how how how ji
ji jiggle jiggle do
you have energy
chuch junk6
twoga chooga
pizza Ibiza tag
tug taco broom
boot gotham
chocolate Joplin
drop em food
boob boot
blow job blind-
fold go bonbon
cut cowboy Jah
bonbon jump on
banjo jack cat
bat back a cat
one more poop
who to help
blow job blow
job blow job
pancake get a
clock blow job
vote vote vote
frozen frozen
frozen jam down
jam bone old
champ jumbo
jumbo jumbo
no tip table tail
bone left right
they are us
bingo go go ka
ka chow chow
jah jah cha cha
jump on wall
Johnson Johnson
jumpin jumpin
tinte tinte Helga
Helga Joe who
truck show
future jail
bunch up
boob cup
poncho a
thousand hour
capture view
look out every
move gun shot
welcome got
blood got bud
god good gotta
gun little
little gun

syncing sing sling7
sneeze sne snild meer
mis’sing mis’sync
cinto amigo
ciego cien
si llego gota
muy bien viene
te amo laughing
speak, be, me, feel
sweet, skip, squeak,
blood, love, glove,
busy. Google hello
by sing Sweden
swim sweep me
lovin sync
pepe bajos
sí sí sí
tu sí two c
mi mi mi
hurry-up 10
to me tomorrow
mi mi mi
tu mi bajos,
pam pam pam
un día mia dí
umpa look at that”
subir subir…
vi vi-vir, pedalea
sweet click-meat
meet, la’vie
soon beat

soon mane main8
ew-ew-ew youyouyou
cluck klar a clock—
sew soo me-and-you
vacio Mexico si llego
fio lupa ink enough
now, you, cloud, blue,
excuse, aim, fav misu
me surface you self
sew eggman right
cry you bug fuck
sumi ink club you /
me the two metió
miss Hyundai muse
me & you roommate
ten two ten tu tendió
tendió tendió mee
meee him hie meinmilen mileni hit
hilen miley mi ley
hupa! hoo pra compra
compra mi ley mum
hum sube sube sube
prap bat bap pap
bat bap basta! mona
moca loca clack moma
mona y eight o’clock
but me at clubk club
clock doo bop clog
clock eunuca bop
eunuca bop plop!
two eu clock too

The starting point for ooga booga bongo music was our interest in sounds that are on the border between speech and music. We recorded eight tracks composed of short syllables and vocal fragments and asked people to transcribe words or phrases that they heard in the sounds. The results are collaged poems of imagined/overheard things: lyrics of sorts.

For some of the sounds, listeners described colors in addition to verbal language, for example ‘clear, lagoonish blue, but with red-brownish borders, like a rusty crust shooting up from the lower left to the upper right’, or ‘an uneven, cloudy but very saturated pink with patches of bright green, like lumps of swamp algae.’

An ongoing collaboration between Los Angeles-based artists Sarah Rara and Luke Fischbeck, Lucky Dragons research forms of participation, dissent, perception and attention in performance and public art, purposefully working towards a better understanding of existing ecologies through workshops, publications and recordings.