Jeremiah Day

The Opposite of Fatalism


Excerpts from The Avengers To Miami Vice: Form and Ideology in the Television Series
by David Buxton, underlining added.

“inequality is evoked but not insisted upon: the contradictions between conservative and liberal explanations of crime, arising from the need to surround (‘humanise’) a single criminal act in terms both of social disadvantage and moral lapse, can only be resolved in fatalism, the inability to escape from destiny.”

“in most episodes, the explanation for a rampant drug problem hovers uncertainly between a generalized inner weakness on the part of individuals and external, sociological factors (the black ghetto, the ‘soft’ treatment of juvenile delinquents) before scuttling the dilemma altogether in sheer fatalism.”

“the use of poignant musical coloring transfixes [emotional] poses into a pervasive fatalism, a world resigned, buffeted by uncontrollable events.”


Reynaud Cage Jr., 48 and Yancy Cage, 39; April 3, 2010
cibachrome, ink, 41,5 x 34 cm
From LA Homicide, 2010


LA Homicide, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam, September 4, 2010. Camera by Erik Smith


The Opposite of Fatalism – Knee Play, Jeremiah Day / Simone Forti / Fred Dewey, from Nonfictions, May 1 & 3, 2014, Santa Monica Museum of Art. Camera by Naotaka Hiro